Dynamic organisation with quick decision making at all levels

Port Towage Amsterdam is a world class towage and marine service provider combining the strengths of the Dutch Iskes Towage and Salvage company with the Danish international towage and salvage company Svitzer A/S. As from 2014, this alliance allows Port Towage Amsterdam access to a vast pool of skills and experience in the ports of IJmuiden and Amsterdam. We provide a customised range of independent, competitive harbour towage or ship escort services by applying an innovative manner of operations and delivering a high level of performance. All our high performance tugs are tailored to meet the demands of any towage related matter.

Iskes Towage and Salvage has been providing Harbour Towage Services in IJmuiden since 1928. Diversity, passion, experience and vision have always been the decisive characteristics of this family owned company with masters and crews having unrivalled experience in assisting a diverse range of vessels of all sizes.

Established in 1833, Svitzer a member of the global Maersk Group, has 5,000 employees, a fleet of more than 500 vessels and operates in over 30 countries and over 100 locations, making Svitzer the largest port towage company of the world.

Thanks to our fleet of omnidirectional, highly manoeuvrable tugs, customers can rely on our ability to carry out precise movements ensuring them that their vessels or floating structures will be moored safely or can depart safely, to schedule and with a minimum of tugs needed.

Port Towage Amsterdam strategy

Our strategy is to achieve sustainable growth by optimising our fleet, continually driving efficiencies across our operations and maintaining the highest degree of professionalism. We will continue to direct new investment towards our harbour and emergency operations, in order to strengthen our leading position in the IJmuiden and Amsterdam port area and serve our customers better.